About Lo


The short version:

I'm Laura and I remix your favorite meals into gluten-free & dairy-free recipes that keep you coming back for more.

The longer version:

Hey, welcome! Thanks for joining me in this corner of the internet. I'm really so happy you're here.

Let me give you a little background on my story, mkay?

Around 2014 I developed some severe digestion and gut issues. It had been a solid two years since cleaning up my nutrition and learning how to nourish myself through food. I'd always loved cooking and creating recipes but with the new issues, I was lost.

Over time I began playing around with taking certain foods out of my plan and trying to find out what the culprit was to my gut problems. Unfortunately, I had no luck. It wasn't until I went to see a Functional Medicine doctor did I find out that I am intolerant to foods containing gluten & dairy.

To be honest, this came as a shock as I'd never related my gut issues to specific dairy or gluten containing foods. What. The Hell. 

So, here I was back to the drawing board. I started researching blogs and articles that gave me amazing & delicious recipes sans gluten & dairy.

Womp, womp. It was only a handful. And some of them contained ingredients that I didn't even know existed.

No, no. What I wanted were my favorite old dishes - you know, the ones you can't wait to scarf down when you beg your Mom to cook dinner for you. Yeah. I wanted THOSE meals just in a healthier way that aligned with my new way of eating.

Again, I found nothing of the sort. So I decided to create it.

Here you'll find your favorite homestyle meals remixed into gluten-free, dairy-free *so-damn-good* recipes. You won't even recognize the difference. This blog is my own recipe index as I navigate this new path and I'm sharing it all with you. Like a virtual dinner party.

So come hungry, visit often & leave happy.